What will Pobi look like?

The heart of Pobi for me, will always be the kitchen but I want the soul to be the people and the atmosphere. From the curb the bold Pobi sign sits just in front of a reclaimed wood background, with the light blue pillars streaming down and splitting each pane of glass. Some cozy outdoor seating will be sat in front of the window – hopefully it’ll stay dry long enough for them to be used! The aim is to have some lovely hanging plants outside but that all depends on whether we can keep them alive.

Stepping through the Pobi Blue door the first thing I want to hit you is the freshly baked bread. Our current favourites – and any we pick up along the way - there ready for you to share with your friends and family. Now this is where the coffee element finally comes in, we are going to be sourcing locally roasted delicious beans and our hope is that the coffee machine is always working away in the background.

Long comfy benches will line the walls with lovely reclaimed wooden tables splitting up the space in the center. I might even let James have a comfy armchair or two. In my imagination there is a long polished concrete worktop with breads, salads and traybakes on display. Behind the counter there are roller menus with that days specials and anything I am testing out, no two days will be the same.

I want the space to be open to everyone, nothing pretentious, just home cooked recipes executed perfectly to remind you of home while you catch up with loved ones. Chilled music will play lightly in the background but we want you to be as involved as possible so you will be able to hear the bakers in the back and your barista grinding coffee beans just for you.

Even when we close the shop doors we want you to be involved, with evening masterclasses, nights dedicated to other local businesses and evenings with drop ins for things that are close to our hearts like mental health, equal opportunities and most importantly heavenly Bread & Cakes. Pobi is as much ours as it is yours.

Pobi won’t just be a shop, it’ll be a space we learn in together, it’ll be a sharing space and most importantly it will be built with its community at its heart.

We hope you’re as excited as we are. Watch this space.

Love, Jake

P.S. if you want to write something for our page let us know! We are always open to sharing your bakes or reviews

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