What does Pobi mean?

Sorry it's taken so long to answer this!

Firstly, here’s how you say it Pobi (Po-bee) and it is Welsh.

We were thinking about a name for ages and we stumbled across Pobi over a tea at the start of this year. The literally translation for Pobi is baking, but we are hoping we can develop it into a space that means something different to everyone.

Jake is from Barry – yes, just like Gavin & Stacey - so we wanted to stick to his roots with the name and design, all the while, representing the best in local Cotswold ingredients. Hopefully we can bring both communities together over the coming years.

It’s been a busy week for us, so sorry for not writing! We will hopefully have some exciting news coming soon - watch this space - fingers crossed we will have somewhere you can all stop in for a coffee and some freshly baked bread in the not so distant future!

We are always busy planning the things that we think are best for Pobi but we want to hear your ideas too. Is there anything that Witney is missing? Is there anything you’d want to see on your High Street from a Bakery/Coffee Shop? What do you want to see Jake try out?

If you want to share what Pobi has meant you over the lockdown, please do! We love hearing your stories and messages of encouragement.

Love, James

P.s. I couldn't find another picture so here is one of us in Pisa - I don't think Jake was ready.

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