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The New and Improved "Paw-bi"

This weekend my home bake experiment has been a bit different with a focus on the needs of our four-legged friends. Having never tried baking dog treats, I was keen to find a recipe with healthy, tasty ingredients. I opted for a recipe from Battersea dogs home and, despite some brave family members offering to taste them for me, I called in a line-up of true experts. Many thanks to Meva, Henry, Lottie and Toby who seemed very happy to apply their taste buds to these treats.

Obviously, the ultimate test came when I consulted the most discerning of testers - the Paul Hollywood of the canine world, our very own Pobi team member Alfie. What better endorsement than receiving a tail wag and the paw of approval?

Since then, Alfie and I have been in discussion and though he has rejected my suggestion of an off-shoot called ‘Paw-bi’ (his eye roll said it all), he is keen to trial adding these tasty treats to the menu at Pobi under his own name of ‘Love from Alfie’. From this week, we will have a small number of treat bags for sale. Each £1 bag will contain 10 treats but if our four-legged customers would like to try before they buy, we have a handful of them available behind the counter. Alfie and I really hope your dogs enjoy these treats as much as he does!

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