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The C Word... Charities!

At the beginning of this year, I started applying for and getting involved in some charity projects in and around Oxford. It came off the back of discussion I was having with my councellor at the time, I was struggling to give meaning to a lot of things and we both agreed it was good to throw myself into something away from work. So, I initially started with a charity called NYAS who support children in care and provide them with all kinds of services that are not readily available either via the care system or their support networks. The other position I have gone in for is on one of the local Young Enterprise (YE) Boards, which help YE provide a business-based learning program through schools across the country.

Like every charity both of these provide amazing, much-needed services for children up and down the UK, and both offer me the opportunity to offer different aspects of myself to the schemes – with NYAS I can be the personable, approachable, friendly person I love and with YE I can keep pushing myself on the business side of things, networking and developing alongside the students themselves. Like Joey says in friends “there is no such thing as a selfless good deed” and that is semi-true, I wouldn’t be interest in these programmes if they didn’t appeal to me personally and even in my very limited experience I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to give up the time I'd just be wasting binging the Crown on Netflix.

Yesterday I was involved in my first board meeting for YE and it was great, slightly daunting,

but great. The services they provide speak for themselves, but to be around a group of volunteers who all give up their time for the same cause is extremely rewarding. All of these experiences alongside our own personal reasons have made Jake and I want to look at who we support in the shop with our day-to-day activities and any events we come up with. From today, we’ve got the Restore charity pot in the shop – they are an Oxfordshire based mental health charity that help people get back in to work. We also plan on getting a local LGBT charity onboard to support young people in being comfortable in their own skin.

We want to continue to support people and charities we genuinely believe in and that support our community, so if you have anyone in mind, please let us know.

Anyway, enough of putting the world to rights, let’s get back to baking, eating and drinking – what else is Christmas for?

Love, James

NYAS - https://www.nyas.net/

Young Enterprise - https://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/

Restore - https://www.restore.org.uk/

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