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New Beginnings & The Dreaded C Word

A lot can happen in a week of Pobi these days. We have some exciting (and very scary) news, plans for the future and a couple of Christmas build-up events.

So, first the exciting news – for me at least. Last week I decided to resign from my day job. For those of you who don’t know I am working full-time selling Flavour & Fragrance ingredients for a distributor in Carterton. It’s something that I’ve loved doing over the past 3 years and has let me visit some incredible places and meet some amazing people. There was no real trigger that made me want to give it up, it’s just a feeling that if I don’t run and jump now, I’ll regret it in the future. We have some amazing wholesale customers that we’d love to see grow and despite Jake being a great juggler, it’s hard to keep everything going on his own, let alone developing new projects. We’ve had some really good discussions with new wholesalers as well, so as soon as lockdown mkII is over we want to be able to get our products out to you as far and as wide as possible! I’ll be working alongside the retail team to begin building our planned production kitchen to add to our ever-growing product list and increase our capacity, so no one misses out on fresh bakes.

It’s been a mixed response really, people are obviously worried for us because a stable salary is not something to throw away in times like this, but a lot of those people can’t see the commitment you all have in supporting us. We’ve heard lots of stories from people who have had a passion but never followed up on it and I can honestly say I never want to be in that position. You’ve taken what was just a dream for us 6 months ago and turned it into a reality now and we can’t thank you enough. We never thought you’d love the products as much as you do nor did we think we would be teaching others – it is all sort of surreal. I hope people see this as a sign of our commitment and passion to grow this into something we can all be proud of.

In other news, we have started a series of teach-ins, these will be informal events where you can learn a little about what we do behind the scenes, and, what you can do in your kitchens at home to keep yourself entertained during the dark nights! Our first event is this weekend (Sunday 29th). We will take to the wonders of Zoom (or equivalent) to teach you how to bake our carrot cupcakes, we are also throwing in all of the ingredients, premeasured, to make it as easy as possible to follow at home. We’ll then be at Fat Lils on Tuesday 15th December to run a masterclass on Bread baking & Coffee brewing, supported by James at Fat Lils Espresso this will be a 2-hour long session where you’ll get to mix, knead, prove & bake your own Pobi bread, taste all of our loaves and have a perfectly brewed coffee along with hints and tips for home brewing… if that wasn’t already enough, you’ll also get some Matthews Cotswold Flour & Routes coffee to take home with you. Aren’t we just the best?! We plan on running regular sessions with all of our partners after Christmas as well so don’t worry if you miss out on these two.

We’ve also got you covered on getting the most awkward of relatives & friends gifts for Christmas. We’ve added a link to our online gift cards on the website, these can be used on courses or in-store products.

We’ll have more news on festive products and events in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, we hope to see you soon.

Love, James

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