A week of firsts!

It’s been a week of firsts this week; First day in the hot seat on Monday (after officially leaving my office job on Friday), First official coffee training for me and Will, first round of meetings with Unox who are fitting our ovens, first meeting with our Marketing/branding people to start building a plan for the future, first opportunity to sort my office out! (Pic below). But most importantly it’s the first time I’ve been able to throw myself in to Pobi without distractions, and whilst it’s been intense and, at times, stressful I’ve absolutely loved it.

There are so many exciting things on the horizon for us and we are pleased to share some of them now… Hopefully more and more of you will be less disappointed on a Saturday because we are expanding our capacity! We’ve secured a space (below) and some top spec ovens to increase our production by around 5x. We are also doing our bit for the planet and have invested in a brand new all-electric van for all of our deliveries, so keep any eye out for us whizzing around over the next couple of weeks. Some of you may have already seen our shiny new stickers as well, these are already in circulation and helping to protect our bread and keep it fresher for longer.

Alongside our big changes we are also always developing new products for you all to try – this month we are getting Will & Amy involved again who have both submitted some lovely savory treats to add to the menu – and of course easter is on the horizon so Hot Cross Buns are only a matter of time!

We are now working with over 10 wholesale partners to make sure you and your loved ones are able to get your hands on our bread the easiest way possible, even if you’re struggling to get out of the house at the moment Mayfield are on-hand to deliver directly to your door for exactly the same price as our in-store loaves!

As always, we want to thank you all, you are the reason Jake rolls out of bed at 4am and why I work late into the night. You keep us going, whether you’re popping in or just sending your love via messages we thank you. We’ll keep you updated on the changes and will hopefully be able to invite you to come and have a look in the near future.

Love, James

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